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My name is Fred Sgrosso, and I am an amateur photographer with an interest in things that fly; from butterflies to aircraft.

This web site contains photos of Pioneer, WWI, and Lindbergh era vintage aircraft at Cole Palen's Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Included are two WWII bombers flown by the Collings Foundation, as well as other aircraft that I found interesting to photograph and write about.

I feel it is necessary to support organizations that provide a link to the past with actual flying aircraft. If we do not, and these organizations disappear, our sharp view of the past will also.I am proud to be a member of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Museum.

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Fokker DR1 and Cole Palen

1917 Fokker Dr-1 Triplane taxiing and Cole Palen (see text below).

Photos by Fred Sgrosso

This is what it is all about!! The "Red Baron's" plane of WWI. This little beauty is my favorite. The bright red triplane is just plain sexy. I never tire of looking at the triplane; or any of the other replica or original vintage aircraft I have had the privilege to see at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome in Rhinebeck, New York. At one time, the late Cole Palen had his red Dr-1 in the air along with a black version. Being able to see any of these vintage planes perform mock combat in the skies over Rhinebeck, is a spine tingling event every single time. For a quick look at the man that created the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, pass your mouse over the image above, (DO NOT CLICK) and Cole Palen's image should appear. Be sure to visit the Old Rhinebeck link on the last Rhinebeck page.

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The Early Years

1909 Blériot Model XI
-- 1910 Hanroit--
1911 Curtiss "D" Pusher

WWI #1

1915 Nieuport XI
1913 Caudron G.III


The 1913 Caudron G.III* *
This photo is on the lower
portion of the Nieuport page

WWI #2

1917 Sopwith Camel
Fokker D.VII

WWI #3

1918 "Jenny"
1914 AVRO

WWI #4

1917 Albatros
A favorite of the "Red Baron"
Photos Then and Now.

WWI #5

1918 Fokker D.VIII
1917-18 Fokkers
See the Fokker Evolution

Between the Wars

Stearman, Stampe SV-4,
Tiger Moth,
Great Lakes Trainer,
The Black Baron and Trudy Truelove

Between the Wars

1929 New Standard Biplane
Also see photos of Stan Segalla's Piper

Stanley Segalla

1947 Piper Cub
This photo is at the bottom of the D-25 page.

1918 Sopwith Dolphin

This photo is at the bottom of the Albatros page.

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Graphs and data of the era!

SPAD Images 11/08/00

Dogfight 11/26/01

Yellow Tiger Moth 04/09/01

September 2001 visit(11/27/01)

Classic Aircraft 07/26/01

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Cole Palen

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