Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Collings Foundation '909'

B-17 Close-up

Even though I took these photographs of the B-17, I still think that the aircraft looks like a model. I took this picture before the shot of the full frame one in the first page of this series. It was then I discovered that I had zoomed out too far to get the complete aircraft. This photo was taken near the 300mm position of the Sigma 75-300mm lens while mounted on a Minolta X-700 SLR, hand held.

B-17 Rear aspect
B-17 Rear Aspect
I bet you have not seen a B-17 photographed from this angle very often! I probably used a polarizer to eliminate reflections and darken the sky. This sort of photograph calls for a wide angle lens and a very small aperture to get the maximum depth of field. As you can see everything is in focus from the tail to the nose. 
B-17 instrument panel
B-17 Instrument Panel
This photo may give you some idea of the controls of the B-17. This photograph was taken with natural light, but probably would have been better with fill flash. I found it fascinating to go through the B-17 and the B-24. It gives some small idea of what the 'innards' of the aircraft were composed of.

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