B-24 and B-17 Nose Art

Everyone has nose art on their warbirds web pages. Why should I be any different?

B-24 nose art

The Schlitz Golden Girl on the Collings Foundation's B-24.

B-24 nose art

Now the plane has different nose art, and a new name.

B-17 Nose art

Collings Foundation B-17 "Nine-O-Nine" Nose.  
B-17 escorted by P-51

I know this is not nose art, but I wanted to put this photo somewhere, and temporarily it is here. It was just beginning to snow and this scene typifies what the brave men in WWII did all the time. Fly anytime in any weather.  The Mustang was there to provide escort.

Come back soon; this site will be in a constant state of change.

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