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Vintage Aircraft Related Sites

  • Click here for Carol Rex's informative and well done site on early aircraft. Best of all, she uses some of my Rhinebeck photos! Carol has made many suggestions to improve my site. Thanks Carol!

  • Click Here for Sandy Rhodes' great site for Rhinebeck photos and information. While your there, check out the rest of his site. You will find it worthwhile.

  • The War Times Journal is a fantastic source for WWI enthusiasts. I am linking to their Red Baron autobiography-but they have much, much, more.

  • Peter Leonard has a very good site on model aircraft including the Dr.1 that I think you would like to visit. 

  • Dave has a series of Aerodrome photos that are well worth viewing. Check out his whole site when you have the time. It is very different and rewarding....

  • Richard has a site named"The Butterflies of WWI". His drawings are magnificent....

  • Kevin Holcomb has an informative and comprehensive site to check out.

  • Check out this link to look at Stan Segalla's(The Flying Farmer of Rhinebeck) webpage------

  • NEW! I had the opportunity to read the first of a series of novels of this era, The Aviator's Apprentice by Chris Davey. This link will tell you more.

    Click Photo for World War II Bombers