Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome


Bomb Away!!

1931 Great Lakes Trainer on Bombing Run

The pilot is not waving, he just threw out the bomb. It was crude, but that is how they did it in the early days of aviation. 


1945 STAMPE SV-4 (Blue Plane) and 1940 Tiger Moth 

Getting ready for the great toilet paper cutting competition! 

Stampf SV-4

Winning the Great Toilet paper competition!  Belgian Stampe SV-4B Biplane with Gene DeMarco




Stearman Pt-17 WWII trainer

1943 Boeing Pt-17 Stearman

Another real beauty at Old Rhinebeck! This is the "break the balloon" competition. 10000 Stearmans were built for WWII. Some are seen in airshows and some are still used as crop sprayers. If you look carefully, the long white pilot's scarf is billowing out behind him. If you were wondering why the prop can not be seen, it is because it is painted blue, and blends in with the beautiful blue sky.



Black Baron abducting Trudy

There is more going on @ Old Rhinebeck than old airplanes!

The dastardly Black Baron is attempting to abduct Trudy Truelove in his sporty 1909 Renault Touring Automobile. That might look like a German soldier with a tuba, but it really is a rocket launcher! The Black Baron doesn't have to worry about sexual harassment charges. He does this every Sunday, all Summer long. He even ties Trudy  to the wing of an aircraft and drops her over the field! (On the previous page you will find her fluttering on the wing of the "Jenny".)

Photos by Fred Sgrosso

More to come!


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