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Here is a sample of some of my WWII aircraft photos taken at Norwood Airport, Norwood, Massachusetts.


Boeing B-17

What A Beauty!


Collings Foundation "Nine-O-Nine"

These photographs were taken at Norwood Airport, Norwood, Massachusetts on August 28, 1995. The runway at Norwood is quite short, compared to runways at international airports, such as Logan Airport in Boston, or military airfields such as Hanscom Field in Bedford, Massachusetts, yet this WWII bomber took off very quickly and had runway to spare. (Of course w/o bombs, the plane is much lighter and would take off with less runway.) The B-17 is one of the best looking and very durable designs to come out of WWII. It was a thrill to see this beautiful plane on the ground, and to be able to crawl through it. The B-17 is amazing small, (75 feet long, 103 foot wingspan) compared to todays bombers. You can get quite an appreciation of the cramped quarters the men had to contend with when on a mission. It was also an experience to listen to the men that flew these planes reminisce while looking, and touching fondly, various parts of the aircraft. To hear the engines cough; roar into life, and see the plane taxi down the runway, take off, and sail smoothly into the sky was quite a thrill. I had seen this type of aircraft in "Memphis Belle" and of course in "Twelve O-Clock High" with Gregory Peck, but there is nothing like seeing these aircraft in person. Their life span in combat over Germany was typically 35 missions( the same as the pilot's). If you get a chance, check out these old warbirds. They are few and far between these days.

Consolidated B-24


The All American Version

Restored by the Collings Foundation

The B-24 was another work horse for the US ARMY AIR CORPS, during WWII . The B-24 could carry more bombs, fly faster and higher than the B-17. Both planes were in both theatres of operation and served our country well. Even though over 18000 B-24's were built, it is rare to see a flying B-24 today.

My wife and I just returned from a trip down South and had the pleasure of visiting THE MIGHTY EIGHTH AIR FORCE HERITAGE MUSEUM in Savanna, Georgia. It is located at Exit 18 off Interstate 95 in Georgia. Do yourself a favor and visit this shrine to the Eighth Air Force. The museum is full of WWII treasures that will make you feel you were there--back in WWII with those brave men and women. You will see photographs that are magnificent as well as many motion pictures. Aircraft and recreated structures will further enhance your experience. Check out their webpage located in my "links" area at the end of this site.

Both photos were taken with a Minolta X-700 and the Sigma 75-300mm zoom. I would estimate that the zoom was set at ~ 200 mm. The planes were real close and low. The film was 200 ISO color print film. The exposure was probably 1/1000 sec @ f 8, on a beautiful August day.

Photos © Fred Sgrosso (August, 1995)

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